Planning any birthday party can be fun, yet exhausting wouldn’t you agree?

Our services will allow you to host and enjoy the party without the stress of it all. We have a network of trusted suppliers with outstanding services who are able to help make your event one to remember.

AA Dance can help provide you with an interactive dance workshop or combine a solo dance performance with an interactive workshop for a fuller experience. We teach easy-to-learn dance moves that even children can remember for days to come, and share with their friends. Our dance styles include: Bachata, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, or Bollywood.

If you have a particular theme in mind, just let us know? If not, why not try a Bollywood Theme Party?

  1. It’s musical: Bollywood songs are lively, full of energy and expressive. Bollywood dance is rhythmic, vibrant, and exciting for little ones!
  2. It’s visual: Our instructors arrive in colourful costumes and teach in an engaging, fun and easy-to-follow style.
  3. It’s flexible: If you love another style of dance, we can easily incorporate your requests and preferences to them for eg. Hip-Hop, Reggaeton etc
  4. It’s unique: Not your average birthday party – a Bollywood party is the perfect choice for those looking for something different.

    Let us know what you would like & we can create a personalised package for you!